Like many people, this past election really caught my attention. Prior to the 2016 election, I had never taken any special interest in politics, but the prospect of having a racially insensitive, bigoted, misogynistic, failed businessman, reality show host as a president really worried me. This election made me realize how much politics really does affect me and my generation, and future generations. I decided to take a more vested interest in the workings of government and politics on a slightly deeper level. With that being said, this is not meant to be an anti-Trump blog, though I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not a fan. The purpose is to take certain issues and make them easier to understand for people like me. Being a young, Latina, woman of color there a lot of topics that affect me personally that I may write about but I will try to keep my posts as impartial as possible. I should say that I am not a political expert, I’m not even studying political science. I’m just a young women almost 10 years into my BA in communications and media who is concerned about my future is this country. As the title says, I am politically illiterate and I hope that, through this blog, we learn and understand more about how the workings of government and politics affects us all, together.

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